We love you, Knux.

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We love you, Knux.


Post by Rayman FREAK » Tue Nov 13, 2007 11:21 pm

This is Rayman FREAK (in my absence, my username appears to have changed to my login name). I haven't been here in almost four years. I began rowing competitively during the spring of my freshman year in high school. I continue to compete today in college. The commitment I have to this sport has greatly affected my life, and as a result, I sort of faded away from this place. Some of the older members may remember me. I was a regular on the NC board and co-moderated it for a short time.

I came back today for the release of Super Mario Galaxy, not at all intending to truly return. First, I checked the forum listings to see how the names had changed (as they were accustomed to). Upon seeing this forum's title, I instinctively didn't believe what I read. I perused the topics, read as much information as I could, and only in typing this do I really feel like you all must have felt this long year. This place was like a distant memory, detached from my world for so long that it seemed to have no effect on my life in any way. But writing about this event to all of you has brought this world back to me.

I knew Knux fairly well during my time here, though I personally wasn't very close to him. I remember him as something of a revered vassal in this community. His fief was the Mario board, though his influence spread across the land, and we were all delighted to hear from him. That's the way it was when I left it, that's the way it's been in my mind for so long, and that's the way we all wanted it to stay.

When I read everything that has been written here, like the obituary guestbook, the projects done for the Karavis family, and the occasional letter addressed to Knux, my feelings of sadness were overpowered by the indescribable feeling of love this community shares. This was present while I was a member here all those years ago, but I had all but forgotten it. Feeling it again in such strength has greatly alleviated my sadness, and I simply feel so grateful that Philip Karavis was so beloved.

In closing, I would love to return to this community. If there is anything else that can be done/is being done in the memorial effort, please let me know. I would be honored to help.

P.S: Knux, I'm sure you know how much this community still loves you. You've had a profound impact on everyone you met on VGF, even people like me who almost forgot about this place. For this, and for all it entails, I thank you. R.I.P.


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