No. I do not like to be touched. That's final. "No" means "no".

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Post by Galefore » Wed Dec 07, 2016 4:13 pm

Bumping this to say my piece.

Okay, so, I'm a big walking contradiction on this one. I LOVE physical affection. Love it. Anyone whom I've deemed to be a "loved one" in any regard is free to touch me all day. I'm a hugger and a high-fiver and all of that with any and all of my friends who are comfortable with me touching them (I am careful to ask most of the time, or at least try to read their boundaries), and often, my friends know how snuggly and cuddly I am (I do get called "teddy bear" and "gentle giant" a lot) so they will just approach me for a hug or to receive affection when they feel like they need it from someone. For that, I feel incredibly honored and I take a small amount of pride there.


I have a massive phobia of crowds. I get completely breathless and choked and if there are too many people speaking around me and touching me and pushing into me (ie. at work or at a concert) it drives me to the point of vocal and sometimes physical rage. I hate it, because I usually welcome touch by people I trust and love, but if they happen to approach me when I'm riled up or anxious in any way and touch me unexpectedly, I snap on even those people. I actually really hate it, because it's uncontrollable. I don't like being that way. But alas, there it is.

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