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A Note For You


Post by Bad Dragonite » Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:57 am

I think anyone who is afraid of Trump being president or his selection of VP should at least give this a read.

If nothing else I think it sums up generally my thoughts on the subject as well.
This is a response to a fan who is scared about the next 4-8 years. Concerned about Mike Pence’s history with Gay Conversion Therapy(which is basically torture in case you didn’t know). And afraid that all 62 million votes for trump, are from people who want this done to him.
As a response to all your tweets at once.
I’d like to start by saying that I believe I can consider you more left leaning, could be wrong, but I am writing this with that in mind. I consider myself to be a moderate, with economically right-leaning tendencies. Liberty for all and the advancement of science are my #1 issues.
The vast majority of people who voted trump or
otherwise, don’t care about issues like this. Should they? At least a bit yes. But the biggest issues for most voters is the economy, and foreign affairs. These are the big two that win elections.
Of those 62 million, maybe 300,000 at most want to torture you to change you. Though even then, most of them are probably ignorant of what gay-conversion therapy even is (we are dealing with hillbillies after all.) They don’t know what it entails, and I’m sure most supporters of it would reconsider if they were shown exactly what it is.
The media always vastly exaggerates things like this, because it makes people scared and anxious. And if they are scared and anxious they come to the news to stay in the loop, and the news organizations make money.
Another reason things will be okay, the President actually doesn't do that much. Congress is the main source of power, and state and local elections are the most directly impacting to you. And Trump is the most pro LGBT president in history thus far. Running on it even, “And I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBT americans from a hateful foreign ideology.” -Trump at one of his rallies, the audience cheers. Trump responds “and let me tell you, as a Republican, you cheering is so good to hear”
He’s been pro-LGBT since before campaigning even, being a reality star he gets interviewed all the time so we know this. Whereas it took a few years of Obama being president already before he switched from Neutral to pro. Hillary has only been pro as of recently. As as late as 2004 I think, she’s been on record as stating “I don’t think gays should be allowed to be married”
So remember, with the most pro LGBT president in history, there is not much to worry about. Especially considering that the stereotype of Republicans being super anti-gay is changing drastically, hence all the cheering for Trump being pro LGBT at republican rallies. Perhaps it's changing slowly, true, but its better than no change at all.
Also remember, if the president actually can't do that much, then the vice president does even less.
And you know how the media has always super harped and bashed republicans for every little thing? The same here applies. The media has exaggerated every non-politically-correct statement these two have made for months. Making them seem to be much much worse than they actually are. I’m not even a big fan of them, but media exaggeration is normal because again, it strikes fear, and fear sells.
I did a little bit of surface digging, though made sure to only look at traditionally liberal websites (like teenvouge of all things), and Pence has never advocated for the torture of anyone besides terrorists.
True: he is against same sex marriage, but at this point it would take the supreme court and the majority of congress to change that.
True: he is against the placement of anti-discrimination laws that will allow gay people to work anywhere. (though why would you want to work for anti-gay bosses?)
But the big thing, that the media has gotten people super worried about, isn't even something he addressed until a few months ago. You can check the politifacts on this:
http://www.politifact.com/california/st ... tled-matt/
And another good source: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/30/us/p ... .html?_r=0
Should be noted, that even politifact is considered a left leaning site, as they have been caught up in the fake-news realm at times. Spouting half-truths when against a republican.
Basically, the one quote of his that makes everyone assume he wants to torture gays, is one about his state’s program to limit HIV/AIDS. One sentence out of a paragraph includes “assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”
Sure, if I were a very left leaning media group and I wanted to defame Pence and Trump all I could, I very well could interpret that as “torture them gays!” but it also includes things like sexual education that encourages the use of a condom. Getting regularly tested
Now considering that most people are at the very least, humane and decent, the latter seems more likely.
And True, that could be very well worded and vague on purpose to mean torture chambers for gays. And In a few cases it may even give funding to institutions that do things like that. But just remember, the media exaggerates specifically to make you feel this way.
And even if Pence was 100% for gay conversion therapy, do you think he and most who are for it are doing it to be evil? Do they think “hahaha lets make these gays feel like the trash they are! Torture them the most we legally can! Mwahaha!” or do you think they look at gays and feel pity? “So sad, they would enjoy life so much more, and God would love them again if they left sin.”
Again, most people aren't evil, just ignorant. I’m sure that a few people are part of the first quote, but that is a VAAAST minority. The ignorant folks just need to be shown what gay conversion therapy really is, and most of them would change, or at the very least, advocate for changes to how it’s done.
Because Americans, as dumb and fat as we are, at least tend to be on the more tolerant side. It may not seem like it based on what the media shows. But the vast majority of people honestly dont care about skin color or sexuality. The US is one of if not the most diverse countries in the world, and considering we are doing as well as we are despite that, shows that most people are awesome. Sure it is going downhill a bit right now, (Trump won partially as a result of this), but again, media exaggeration.
I’m not sure if I helped at all, but it was my intent too. Life can be scary, especially as part of a minority, I get that. But back to the whole blocking people thing, they way I see it, knowledge is power. Especially knowing your opponents. And problems don't get solved if we don’t talk. We are becoming more and more bipartisan because of blocking eachother. And the best answers tend to be those met with a compromise. (except for those involving rights, yes.)
As I said, most people pro conversion therapy are ignorant to what it really means, by blocking them you are voluntarily saying “i don't want to show you the truth” while also becoming ignorant to their side of the story as well. You cannot fight ignorance with ignorance, it just makes the whole world dumb.
Slight tangent, at least most pro-conversion-therapy people are that way with good intentions, albeit misplaced. But you know who doesn't have good intentions? And wants to do more than shock you? Who wants to throw you off a roof, shoot up your clubs and stone you to death? Thats right, its Hillary Clintons #1 donor and literally the funder of the terrorists who did 9/11, good old Saudi Arabia, and a sizable chunk of people in the middle east in fact.
Trump is a huge middle finger to the middle east, Clinton planned and even ran on us warming up to them more. To a civilization which legalizes the raping of women and gays in particular situations, as well as good old honor killings. “You are under arrest for murder” “but officer, he was gay!” “oh, well that's still frowned upon, but you are free to go.” 1.5 Billion people, and at least 1/8th of them, at least, want you dead.
In my opinion at least, Trump is the best thing to happen to the LGBT community since marriage equality. Obama and Hillary, even Bernie, wouldn't dare say something that may offend someone with middle eastern relatives. They wouldn't even acknowledge that the Orlando shooter was an anti-gay terrorist, and was encouraged by his religion (Islam) to do so. Even though literally not even a month prior, his mosque had a special preacher who travels to mosques all around the world and gives a speech that says that killing gays is the most merciful thing you can do to them.
Because I am as pro-lgbt as can be, I am saddened about Pence (though he can’t do much if anything to damage LGBT rights anymore), but Trump is great in that regard at least. You have next to nothing to worry about here in america, most of the people who legitimately want you dead are on the opposite side of the planet, and Trump hates them too. (and he has nuclear codes now, yaaay,[half sarcasm])
Maybe I'm rambling, maybe I turned this into a half rant. But I think you are awesome, and deserve to feel safe, though not ignorant. This is my part in doing that. You keep being you, and don’t let people stop you. I now send virtual hugs.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lFT ... obilebasic

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Post by X-3 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:17 am

I guess this guy hasn't seen Trump's cabinet.

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Post by I REALLY HATE POKEMON! » Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:33 am

Last I checked, torture wasn't voluntary. There should be regulations on what they can and cannot do, but conversion therapy should be an available option for consenting individuals. Although I disagree with the notion put forth that if torture occurs through ignorance that it is somehow less bad, because it isn't much of an excuse. Also, I wouldn't say Trump is pro-LGBT, more politically neutral.

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