The Causation Illusion of Radical Islam

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The Causation Illusion of Radical Islam


Post by е и ժ е я » Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:23 am

95% of terror attacks in the US were not perpetrated by Islamic extremists. The illusion that terrorists are all Islamic is perpetuated both by reporting bias and by implying causation, wherein most Islam-associated terror attacks are from political fringe groups in Muslim-dominated areas. In truth, all peoples in such areas including the targets of these attacks are by-majority Islamic.

These areas happen to be epicenters of political strife as they were destabilized by western interference for financial reasons, decades ago. Hard data shows that politically-motivated organisations are responsible for the majority of terrorist attacks. Based on conclusions drawn from statistical data, a more accurate assumption would be that the best way to create terrorists from Islamic groups, or any group, would be to re-characterise those groups in a political context and politicise prejudice against them by creating policy which targets those peoples specifically.

The following chart is provided by Princeton, based on figures from the FBI.


The best protection any of us has against terrorist religious attacks is to forbid the political favoritism of any religious organisation by the government, and to guarantee the separation of church and state or the persecution of religion by any group.
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