Clone Consoles for retro gaming

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Clone Consoles for retro gaming


Post by Bomby » Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:07 am

Anyone have any opinions? Own any? Just emulate?

I know there's a lot of cheap clones out there, but a good quality hardware-based clone seems like the best way to play old cartridges on new TVs. I'm beyond happy with the Super NT for my SNES games and RetroUSB AVS for NES. Since SNES is the system I collect most for by far, the former has been a dream come true.

So in other words, I'm definitely pro-hardware based clone, but my understanding is that the emulator based clones aren't much to write home about. Right now the only Genesis/Mega Drive clones out there are apparently awful. Hyperkin is going to release an emulation-based No idea if anyone is working on a

The one thing that's awesome the hardware based clones is that, thanks to patent expirations, they're completely legal. I'd love to see hardware based clones for Sega Genesis & Master System, as well as the TurboGrafx-16. Unfortunately they don't seem to have the dedicated bases that Nintendo does.

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Re: Clone Consoles for retro gaming


Post by I REALLY HATE POKEMON! » Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:33 am

I don't, but I probably wouldn't be interested unless I'm doing it for some type of convenience.

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