52 weeks of Reading- 2018 edition!!

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Re: 52 weeks of Reading- 2018 edition!!


Post by Booyakasha » Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:57 am

Finished 'Ready Player One' earlier today.

...you know, I guess it's alright. I'm not real big on 80s sh*t. Like, yeah, that's when I grew up, but it isn't all that informed me.

Some of it feels pretty inauthentic. Like, these huge anime/sci-fi/video game nerds, these dweebs who've spent all their lives practicing every old-school game, memorising every nerdy 80s movie known to man, they've also memorised 'Family Ties' and 'Schoolhouse Rock' to a T? Yeah, I'll just bet my figs they have. I mean, it isn't as inauthentic as 'Big Bang Theory', but it's still pretty 'yeah, right, pffft'.

Still. Book is alright. Parzival has a little bit of a lame crybaby Eragon/Anakin chapter there, where he's pining after Art3mis, but he gets over it, and winds up being a cool guy.

Movie looks like a visually-exhausting clustercuss, going solely by the trailers. I can imagine River and Maxy simultaneously being able to keep pace with it and not knowing any of the references ('hey, uncle justin, what's a delorean? what's a sinistar? what's a rush 2112? what's an ecto-1? what's a millennium falcon? what's a you can call me al? what's an oregon trail? what's a square pegs? what's a last unicorn? what's a romancing the stone? what's a voltron? what's a johnny-five? what's a THACO? what's a tetsuo? what's a goonies? what's a bill and ted? what's an enterprise? what's an axel f? what's a captain harlock? what's a monty python? what's a big country? what's a commodore 64? wait, don't fall asleep, we need to know what a skeletor is!'). I find I'd rather sleep than watch complete garbage, these days. Who is this for?

(EDIT: My copy of the book was signed by the author. It didn't cost any extra, and I'm glad, because it looks like somebody held a pen against the paper and then had an epileptic fit. Why don't people sign things legibly ever anymore? When did one's signature become an opportunity for one to draw a sequence of pentagrams daisy-chaining? Is penmanship so difficult?)
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Re: 52 weeks of Reading- 2018 edition!!


Post by Apollo the Just » Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:56 am

Finished Prisoner of Azkaban. Definitely my favorite book so far because I **** love Remus Lupin. Again, perspective is informed by the fact I have only seen the movies for the LONGEST time, so I’m really enjoying all the added depth and detail and nuance in the books.

Everything we know about the Marauders characterizes them very believably as dumbass ******* teenagers. It’s fantastic. Remus is a werewolf, his friends find out and instead of ditching him they break every wizard law in the universe and become furries, they break him out of the Shrieking Shack and go on adventures, Sirius is a dick and tries to sic Remus on Severus, James is like “oh my god Sirius you can’t just kill that kid even if he’s an ugly nerd,” etc. A major gripe with the movies is how they portray James and Sirius and Remus as almost perfect people until out of nowhere in movie 5/6 where suddenly it’s revealed they were BAD GUYS; in the books it’s very clear that they were young and stupid and did **** things and it’s way more complicated from the get go. Remus is even like “oh my god that was so dangerous I coulda killed someone WHY DID WE DO THAT we were idiots;” the reflection we get from their perspective now is really good.

Also, Sirius is prepared to choke Harry into unconsciousness to get to Peter. He is portrayed as dangerously desperate. He is innocent of the crime he was imprisoned for but dude’s still got baggage; I think the movies leaned a little too hard on making him just totally a nice guy TM when the books do a better job of highlighting how much 12 years in Azkaban can and will screw you up.

Anyway. I love Remus Lupin/10

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