Character(s) of the Month #68: Party Like It's 1985

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Character(s) of the Month #68: Party Like It's 1985


Post by CaptHayfever » Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:44 am

Here's how it is: We've finished the roster. The DLC for Smash 4 is done. Smash 5 isn't announced yet. But all of our old friends have learned some new tricks as of late, so it's time for updates. Because I don't want this to take 3 more years, updates will come in batches. Here's your first batch:

Super Mario Bros. Characters

WiiU - Mushroom Kingdom U, Mario Galaxy, Mario Circuit (new), Delfino Plaza, Mario Circuit (old), Luigi's Mansion, Peach's Castle 64, Super Mario Maker
3DS - 3D Land, Golden Plains, Paper Mario, Rainbow Road, Mushroomy Kingdom, Peach's Castle 64, Super Mario Maker


B - Fireball (source: SMB)
Fast Fireball, Fire Orb
Side B - Cape (source: SMW)
Shocking Cape, Gust Cape
Up B - Super Jump Punch (source: SMB)
Super Jump, Explosive Punch
Down B - FLUDD (source: Sunshine)
Scalding FLUDD, High-Pressure FLUDD
Final Smash - Mario Finale (source: Brawl)

--Mario's jumping is vastly improved from Brawl, & he moves quicker through the air as well.


B - Fireball (source: SMB)
Bouncing Fireball, Ice Ball
Side B - Green Missile (source: Melee)
Floating Missile, Quick Missile
Up B - Super Jump Punch (source: SMB)
Fiery Jump Punch, Burial Header
Down B - Luigi Cyclone (source: based on cape spin in SMW)
Mach Cyclone, Clothesline Cyclone
Final Smash - Poltergust 5000 (source: Luigi's Mansion)

--Luigi can no longer hold a Green Missile charge indefinitely; he'll "give up" on the move if it's charged past maximum power. A full-power Missile (or misfire) can also get him stuck in walls. Misfires are less common now as well.
--While I appreciate the intent of giving Luigi a canonical attack from one of his solo games, I gotta say, Poltergust is a lot less reliable than Negative Zone was.
--Luigi is now a starter character.


B - Fire Breath (source: SMB)
Fire Shot, Fire Roar
Side B - Green Missile (source: Brawl)
Dash Slam, Dash Slash
Up B - Whirling Fortress (source: SMB)
Flying Fortress, Sliding Fortress
Down B - Bowser Bomb (source: SMB3)
Turbulent Bomb, Slip Bomb
Final Smash - Giga Bowser (source: Melee)

--Bowser's recovery is vastly improved, with both better jumping & more height on Whirling Fortress.


B - Toad (source: SMB)
Sleepy Toad, Grumpy Toad
Side B - Peach Bomber (source: Melee)
Flower Bomber, Flying Peach Bomber
Up B - Peach Parasol (source: SMB)
Parasol High Jump, Light Parasol
Down B - Vegetable (source: SMB2 Doki)
Light Veggie, Heavy Veggie
Final Smash - Peach Blossom (source: Melee)

--Peach has her 2nd jump back, & she's a little faster.
--Her final smash can now put airborne enemies asleep, but it only produces 3 huge peaches now.

Happy June, everyone!

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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