Item of the Month #90: Gee, Thanks, CERN.

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Item of the Month #90: Gee, Thanks, CERN.


Post by CaptHayfever » Fri May 17, 2019 9:01 am


Source: Super Smash Bros. series
Featured in: Ultimate
Type: Throwing
Special effect: Suction

--Escapable, but only by characters with moves that transport them very quickly out of range.
--If captured victims use a projectile, it gets sucked back in to hit themselves.
--Will not last through stage morphs.
--Possibly designed in tribute to the black hole glitch in Melee.
--Black holes form from dead star cores of at least 2.5 solar masses (which means the original star had to be at least 10-20 solar masses) collapsing in on themselves after the star goes supernova.
--Black holes consist of two major components: the singularity, which contains all of the matter and energy drawn into the black hole in a space no larger than a standard carbon atom, and the event horizon, the ellipsoidal boundary across which the gravitational pull of the black hole is too strong to be overcome by anything (even photons).
--While in normal space, we have "full" control over our movement in the 3 dimensions of length, width, and height, but no control over our movement in the 4th dimension, time. It is currently theorized that crossing the event horizon establishes a trade-off; bodies obviously lose control over their 3-D movement (being on an unwielding path towards the singularity), but gain voluntary motion back & forth in the 4th. In other words, while you're being drawn into a black hole, you can time travel, but you can't go anywhere outside the black hole. And you'll eventually be crushed to death in the singularity.
--Galaxies all orbit supermassive black holes, which will eventually consume all of the matter in those galaxies. However, the time frame on that is trillions of years; before it happens to us, Earth will have been devoured by the sun's red giant phase, & the sun itself will have burned out into a black dwarf.
--May or may not be able to wash away the rain.

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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