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Character(s) of the Month #74: Space Animals

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Character(s) of the Month #74: Space Animals

Post by CaptHayfever » Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:56 pm

StarFox Characters

WiiU - Orbital Gate Assault, Lylat Cruise
3DS - Corneria


B - Blaster (source: SF64)
Impact Blaster, Charge Blaster
Side B - Fox Illusion (source: Melee)
Fox Burst, Wolf Flash
Up B - Fire Fox (source: SSB64)
Flying Fox, Twisting Fox
Down B - Reflector (source: SSB64, possibly based on barrel roll)
Big Reflector, Amplifying Reflector
Final Smash - Landmaster (source: SF64)

--Nerfed a lot.
--Wolf Flash is, as one would guess, Wolf's side-B from Brawl.
--Twisting Fox is very similar to Fire Wolf.
--Impact Blaster is kinda like Wolf's version of Blaster, minus the melee attack.


B - Blaster (source: SF64)
Explosive Blaster, Burst Blaster
Side B - Falco Phantasm (source: Melee)
Falco Phase, Falco Charge
Up B - Fire Bird (source: SSB64)
Fast Fire Bird, Distant Fire Bird
Down B - Reflector (source: SSB64, possibly based on barrel roll)
Accel-Reflector, Reflector Void
Final Smash - Landmaster (source: SF64)

--Also nerfed a lot.
--Phantasm no longer induces a helpless fall, & Falco will no longer lunge off of edges with it. (This is true of Fox Illusion also, but I had to say SOMETHING different here.)

Melee-obsessives' favorite children overall got the everloving crap nerfed out of them. Also, where's Wolf? I was looking forward to listing out the same 5 attacks yet again!

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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Re: Character(s) of the Month #74: Space Animals

Post by DarkZero » Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:07 pm

fox is a weird case because while he got a lot of objective nerfs from brawl, he benefits even more from being in a game that rewards rushdown and combos more, so it actually results in a significant overall buff for the character

falco got hard nerfed though

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