The Book of Warriors (Character Profiles)

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Name: Metal Man
Age: 45
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 1,000 lbs
Race: Cyborg (Human/Machine fusion)
Gender: Male
Personality: A gruff, older man whose memories are influenced by countless years of battling anything, anybody, and everyone. Utilizing his 'Dimension Splitter' he warps from battlefield to battlefield, awaiting anything to fight. He is endlessly stubborn and determined, and in general fears nothing, for he has already technically gone to hell and fought demons himself. (If nothing else, Joker, some forms of Wyborn, and possibly Darth Bowser approximate what one could expect there.)

He is also partially insane, and subject to psychotic episodes when fighting the enemy. He is cold and calculating and has lost all respect for life, considering whoever he fights and someone to utterly destroy. Lacking any real sense for pain, he is incredibly tough and durable, but has a tendency to fall into pits and crash into things.

He also doesn't appear to care for his physical well-being. This is a blessing and a curse, as while your attempt to chop off his arm will simply lead to him beating you to death with his battered stump, he'll also foolhardily attack foes even as he is bleeding to death, on fire, and there's a giant spike in his shoulder.

In peace (whenever that is found, heh) he is actually a very nice person, and chivalrous at that. He also is a powerful manipulator, known across the universe for the deals he made to get a hold of the technology he holds now. Despite many attempts to expel him from the realm, he always seems to come back swinging...

Weapons: Too many to count without your head exploding...

Crystal Hammer
DVD Launcher
Flaming Greataxe
Flaming Golf Clubs
Frozen Butter Knife
Harpoon Gun
Hand-propelled Energy Beams
Electrical Gloves
His Body
Any heavy objects nearby
Ionic Lasers
Shoulder Missiles
Knee Rockets
Elbow Flamethrowers
Sticks of TNT
Extremely Sharp Teeth
Thick, Armored Forehead
Spiked Toe-tip
Rotary Cutting Saw
Crystal Bow and Arrow
Grenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher
Fighter Remote

Interdimensional Teleportation: C
Marksmanship: B
SwordFighting: D
Engineering: A
Logic: A
Chemistry: C
Battling: S (He has made it the purpose of his existance to fight everybody)
Social Tact: F
Magic: Z (Forget any of it, sans some weird gibberish he stole)


Originally known as Illian Macgregor, citizen of Neo-Earth. A general bodyguard of sorts, he once merely defended people. He was nearly killed in a civil war; technology of the time revived him, but at the cost of becoming a soldier in the 'Metal Man' unit.

During a massive catacylsmic attack by Magitek-wielding aliens, most of his units people died, and he was warped to the Battlefield. He went from one bloodbath to another....

Eventually he returned to his home world and made many connections. He became leader of a group known as the Questers, and after many years of adventures, would slip off to the Battlefield again in order to fight. Now, of course, he has twice the tech and five times the experience.

It is unknown if he will put down his weaponry any time soon.
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(Taken from my profile on another board)

Name: Panfan el Pwno XXII (Damn, that's a mouthful)
Age: 16
Birthdate: 9/17/1990
Sex: Male
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Store clerk
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Unknown
Species: Human/Frylock (Can change from the two forms at will)
Weapons: Sword
Abilities: Other than changing forms, none.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Appearence: Black hat, headphones, jeans, T-Shirt usually referencing anime or a band
Background: He's your average everyday random mysterious character. Not much is known about him. Why doesn't anybody know anything about him? Because Panfan has writer's block. That's why.

Name: Bree
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Relationship: Whore
Occupation: Whore/Thief
Height: 5'4"
Weight: NOT TELLING *smack*
Species: Human
Weapons: Nothing
Abilities: c0mput0r h4x0r, stealing stuff, being a whore
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Background: I think I've already got to the point that she's a whore/thief. That's all you need to know.

(I'm not going to use Bree that much. She's just a comic relief character that I felt like making after a girl of the same name stole my eMail address)
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Post by Domus » Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:20 pm

Hey, Galefore if you see this sometime delete the post for me, please. I'm going to begin work on a new character.

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All right, time to join this shin-dig.

Name: Ellis Nineveh

Age: 25 (appears to be about eight years old)

Height: 4'6"

Weight: 230 lbs.

Race: Robot/reploid.

Gender: Male


Weapons Info:
Buster: Ellis's buster does not charge, and is thus as powerful as an uncharged shot from X's buster. Which is not very.

Saber: Ellis's main weapon, dubbed "the Awesomenator". It can phase through things like energy shields, auras, lightsabers, Z-Sabers, and plasma blasts, and vice versa. He doesn't have a shield, so he can't block any attacks of that type. Against other attacks, however, it reacts normally. This is a double-edged sword in the most literal sense.

(Level system from least to greatest F, D, C, B, A, S)
Skill Level:
Sword Combat: A
Buster Combat: C
Hand-to-Hand Fighting: C
Resilience: S (He gets knocked down, he gets up again.)
Awesomenator Combat: S (Ellis is the only one capable of using this saber without years of practice and possible accidental limb-severing. It's not a strict rule, but it's an essential truth.)

Personality: Ellis is the eternal underdog. He constantly seeks to prove his manhood, mostly by challenging people to fights and attempting (and failing) to pick up women. He has two main moods: cheerful boastfulness and angry sullenness, the latter one happening when his ability at the above is challenged, and usually not lasting very long. Then again, half the time it flies over his head when someone's insulting him. He often rushes into things without thinking, a trait which gets him into a lot of trouble. Despite this, he never gives up.

Appearance: Blue-green armor with silver trim, brown bodysuit, and purple gems. Wears a visor attached by an earpiece. His hair is dark red, about chin-length and somewhat wavy/messy, and his eyes a frighteningly bright shade of magenta.

History: One of 65 mass-produced stealth units gone horribly wrong, Ellis and his siblings sought sanctuary with the Maverick Hunters, and enlisted once they were of proper mental age. Ellis was put in the most dangerous, cannon-fodder unit, but managed to survive long enough to become second-in-command.

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Post by Videospirit » Fri Jul 06, 2007 5:50 am

Name: Videospirit
Age: ~350
Height: 5'9"(Human) 8'6"(Spirit)
Weight: ~160 lbs(human) Varies, Usually featherweight(Spirit)
Race: Spiritually Enriched Human
Gender: Maleish
Personality: Carefree, seemingly oblivious. His sense of responsibility is practically non existent, until he suddenly gets serious that is. Of course, when in another land with people he has no relation to, there's hardly anything short of oppressive gods or chibis to get him out of his carefree spunk.


Videan Plasma Pistol
Crystal Spellchannel Katana
V-Knight personal Mecha
Dual Energy Tonfa/Energy Staff
Leviathan Force

Leviathan Force
Mana Shield Glove
V-Knight personal Mecha
Purple Ghoul Helm

Compression storage belt.

Core Magic: A+
____Materialization: S
____Manipulation: S
____Transportation: S
____Emission: A
____Specialization: S
Mana Vision: S
Soul Vision: S
Runic Magic: A
ManaCraft: S
Spirit Magic: A
Wizardy: B
Divine Magic: Z
Marksmanship: B
Swordfighting: B
Spearfighting: B
Martial Arts: B
Engineering: A
Self Control: S
Spirit Form: S
Specter Form: B
Computers: B
Battling: S (When your fate index is cranked through the roof and you've lived this long, you pick up a few things)
Social Tact: F


Videospirit is basicly, a relatively normal human whose spirit was magnified to be equal with his physical body and became a sort of half ghost who can shift from human to ghost to hybrid at will. He's been around for a fairly long time and has no idea of his real age. When his spirit fused with his body he gained all the knowledge and memory of his past lives and his body is a composite of many different humanoid species he's spent a lifetime as. Is able to cast spells when silenced and any attempt to forcibly seal his magic automaticly fails and the object or person attempting to seal it is hit with a hostile mana backlash.

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Post by ::Abbadon:: » Sat Jul 14, 2007 6:49 pm

Name: Abbadon

Age: Unknown, at least over 20 millenia

Height: 6'4

Weight: Unknown

Race: Demon

Homeworld- Abyss

Gender: Male

Personality: Very cunning, Easily Angered, Devestating when angry, disrespectful to Higher Authority.

Primary Weapons:

Scepter Wand (for magic use)- S
Alko Class Demon Sword- A
Minion Daggers- C
Spirit Bombs- A

Magic- S

Transfiguration- S
Manipulation- A
Conjuring- A
Teleportation- A
Spellbind- A
Charms- B
Curses- S

Special Magic Attack Rating

Wave of Hell- A
Legion's Fury- A
Avada Kedavra- S
Fire Rain- A
Wrath of Abyss- A
Rapidfire- B

Swordfighting- A-B

Spearfighting- C

Archery- D

Demolition- A

Bio- Abbadon is the Ruler of Abyss. His exactbirth date is unknown and his parents are unknown but are considered to be former royalty. Abbadon was formerly Banished from hell by Lucifer in the early stages of his life, around 1 millenia old. As he was banished, he created his own homeworld and called it the Abyss. It was there he secrety raised an army of hundreds of Legions of demons. Around Millenia 7 of his life he uprised against Lucifer and Hell. After 600 years of fighting, Abbadon Conquered hell. He kept Lucifer in charge of the realm but since then Abbadon's armies have kept a close eye on Lucifer and any activities therein. He answers to the Counsil once every 10 years. He has many enemies in demon realms but none of whom are powerful enough to overthrow him. He tried to over throw God and Heaven 2 millenia after conquering hell, but he was defeated after only 3 days of fighting. Since then Abbadon has always payed tribute to Heaven, and never questioned God's Supreme power. Therefore he is the supreme ruler of The demon realm.

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Post by Legomyegolas » Wed Aug 01, 2007 10:16 am

Appearance: h t t p:/ /w w w.d e s k t o p r o j e c t.n e t / u p l o a d s /mutantbg.jpg (Sorry for the spaces, I apparently can't post images. Just take out the spaces to get the link.)

Name: Reyvark

Age: 73 (appears late twenties)

Height: 6'2

Weight: 147

Race: Geneticly enhanced human

Bio: Reyvark was originaly a highly skilled mercenary, until he was selected as a canidate for genetic experimentation by a mega-corporation dealing in arms. He underwent numerous surgeries and injections, the end result being a superhuman soldier. However, Reyvark had always held his own self interest at heart, and annihalated the lab and scientist who had altered him, so no others could be made. He now uses his new abilities for personal profit, taking jobs no one else could consider doing.

Weapons: Reyvark prefers to use antique guns, such as blunderbusses and Muskets, for his unique style. Of course, he modified them to be as deadly as any modern firearms, if not deadlier. For melee combat, when not crushing spines with his hands, he employs a metal staff.

Abilities: Master Marksman, Highly Enhanced Strength, Endurance, And Agility, And a complete lack of morals.

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Post by Videospirit » Fri Aug 03, 2007 7:17 am

Name: Gunther

Age: 28

Height: 7'4"

Weight: 410ib's

Race: Galka

Homeworld- Vana'diel

Gender: Male

Personality: Unrefined, manly, brutish, competetive.

Primary Weapons:

Mr and Mrs. fists - A

Raw Strength and Toughness - S+

Ki Control - D

Feral Power - S

Battling - S

Speed: B

Bio- About 10 years ago, Gunther was a bouncer for a popular club, but after an incident where he lost control and almost killed a man, he was unemployed and no one wanted to hire him. Around this time he encountered Videospirit who carelessly left a portal open that Gunther stumbled through in a drunken stupor. After finally sobering up, Gunther found himself in an unknown world and after getting tangled up in a quest with a dragon princess and a lot of other fantastic things finally tracked down Videospirit, and the two of them drank a small town out of every drop of booze it had. After becoming good friends, Videospirit invited Gunther to serve aboard his Dimensional Ship, the Valkery, and Gunther became accustomed to traveling the multiverse. About 2 years ago, Videospirit finally decided to settle down and founded the Videan Academy on planet Videa, At this point in time Salon, a human inventor who'd also spent a long time aboard the Valkery founded the organization known as M.e.t.h.o.d., operating out of the Videan academy. Gunther and his good friend Anaje were two of the founding members, and Gunthers been working in method ever since.

Name: Anaje Eekon

Age: 22

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 120ib's without his suit, 200 with.

Race: Ventrion

Homeworld- Destroyed, now operates out of Videa

Gender: Male

Personality: Shifts between calm and hyper, seems to have a lot of wisdom and is very protective of his friends.

Psi Focus Staff

Hardened Power Armour

Psionics - S:
Time deceleration/acceleration - B
Telekinesis - S
Psi Blast - S
Spacial Alteration - B
Psi Golem - A

Psi Release - S

Battling - A

Bio- Last Surviving Ventrion, his planet was wiped out by dog-like invaders who seemed to take wiping his people out as a game. Escaping on board an experimental starship, he had just enough fuel to reach his destination before crashlanding. He had landed on a planet at war, Magic users were attempting to destroy those who embraced the new technologies being developed and he was caught smack dab in the middle of it. After being attacked by both the magic users and the technology users, he luckily encountered a peacekeeping team, attempting to stop the fighting between the two factions. One of the members of this team was a galka named Gunther, and Anaje and he formed an instant friendship, possibly having to do with the fact the two of them were the only ones with fur.

After resolving the conflicts ... slightly peacefully, Gunther invited Anaje to join him aboard the Valkery, a dimensional ship owned by a being named Videospirit. The two of them went on many missions togethor, and about 2 years ago joined the mercenary Elite Treasure hunter overseeing division (Method) and formed one of it's founding teams.

Name: Slifer

Age: 37

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 175Ib's

Race: Zlizar

Homeworld- Musho

Gender: Male

Personality: Cold, Contemplating, Analytical.

Primary Weapons:
dual Draklaves
Mana Blast Rifle
Explosives, capsules, shurikans, throwing knives, weights, etc.
Ball and Tail

Poisons - S

Swordfighting - S

Speed - A

Battling - A

Chamelon - S

Energy Breath - S

Regeneration - D

Wall Climbing - A

Stealth - A

Swimming - A

Special Notes: Cold blooded, Poison immune, extreme acid tolerance.

Bio- Slifer was an outcast from his tribe while living on the harsh swamp world of Musho, survival was a daily struggle and he had to be vicious to do it alone. One day, two beings never before seen on Musha arrived, looking for magical stones that had belonged to ancient beings who'd perished when the toxic swamps grew to cover the world. Slifer tracked these beings down and after capturing and interrogating them, requested they take him with them when they leave the world. These two individuals were Gunther and Anaje, and Slifer became the third and final member of their Method squad.

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Post by chibimod3 » Sat Oct 06, 2007 6:24 pm

Dr. Sivean

Name: Dr. Sivean(No one knows if that is his real name.)

Hight: 6'4"

Weight: 187 lbs

Age: Unknown except that he is in his early twenties

Gender: Male

Weapons: Many regular sized scalpels and one giant scalpel

Powers: None except for an insane thirst for blood. In a recent addition He faught a deal maker named Chase who granted him the reattaching of his own body parts but he still feels the pain and the part in question will be unusable for an hour or so.

Past: He was the middle child of 7 children. His parent's only made ends meet. He was not a good athlete. He was almost mediocre at everything that he did but he had one quality that made him stand out. His academic strength. He was a straight A+ student who in School didn't really have to try at anything(excluding gym). He was a genius a prodigy. People say that he was never with his family and was never really attached to anybody. He was always near when somone got hurt. Even more so if there was blood involved. He had an early fondness for blood. But right after his graduation he disipeared following the deaths of his whole family. There home was burned to the ground along with city hall. Some say he murdered his family and then destroyed all records of himself so that no one would no who to look for. The good Dr. goes around pretending to be a real doctor but in fact slaughtering everyone but one person in the entire hospital. He does have a soft spot for well mannered children. He has only been known to murder those who are vulgar and sinful. He does this not for the lord, but for his own twisted reasons. You can never pin down a definite picture of him for he changes his appears often and without pattern. Sometimes weeks after the last or sometimes if he likes the appearance he has he will go months or years without changing his face. It would appear he is a Sadist with nothing more on his mind than causing death and destruction wherever he goes. Recently he spared a teenage girl who looked like his youngest sister. Who was with her intensive care boyfriend. Who, as it turned out, beaten by their father. Sivean stood up to her when none of the others would and was beaten by his father for standing up for her and taking responsibility for her mistakes.

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Post by Speed » Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:22 am

Spedios A.K.A. Speed And Omega

Name: Speedios Lifeform
Nicknames: Speed

Age: 14

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Male

Height: 4’7

Weight: 102 Lbs.

IQ: 127

DOB: Mar/18/2071

Birth Place: Station Square

Residence: Wherever he is standing

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Alignment: Himself/His Friends

Top Speed: 305 MPH.

Basic Stats
Agility - A
Speed - B
Strength -B
Defense - D
Evasiveness - B
Intelligence - C
Skill - B

Special Attacks: Chaos Control, Chaos Inferno, Super Form

Abilities: Spin-Dash, Homing-Attack, Levitation, Swimming

Talents: Piloting

Weaknesses: Low understanding of Chaos Powers

Personal Facts
Mother: Amy Rose
Father: Shadow The Ultimate Lifeform
Friends: Omega, Samer, Samus
Rivals: Rich
Enemies: Nazo, Eggman, Metal Sonic
Likes: Video Games, Running, Flying
Dislikes: War
Favorite Food: KFC
Favorite Drink: Cola
Favorite Color: Black

Physical Appearance
Fur Color: White
Skin Color: Tan
Eye Color: Green
Quill Color: Black
Attire: Back Pack, Ammo Belt, Holster
Items & Weapons: Hammer, Sword, Fire Flower, Ray Gun

Bio: The only Son of Shadow the Hedgehog and Amy Rose, Spedios was very Happy for the first 10 years of his life until the murder of his parents at the hands of the Evil-Anime-Hedgehog Nazo. He was then taken to the hero’s dojo on Hyrule by his father’s friend Omega. About 11 months later Nazo caught up with him and he fled to the outer rim of the universe. he eventually found himself on Talon 4 where after nearly losing his life to a hoard of 8000 space pirates he began traveling with Samus Aran and learning her trade. He could not run forever eventually Nazo caught him and after losing a climatic final dual he made his way to NC and was taken by Bill and Fred to VGF where he has remained since. he has been contracted to several groups including The G.U.N. Military, The Army of L33T's and The Tau Alien-Race


Name: E-123 Omega

Age: 34

Race: Droid

Occupation: Gunjineer

Personality: Vengeful and battle hungry

Apearance: Go play Sonic Heroes

Height: 6'4

Weight: 7000 Lbs.

Machine Guns-A
Laser Guns-A
Bazooka Guns-B
Plasma Guns-E
Grenade Guns-A
Flame Throwers-S
Light Sabers-D

Homing Attack-D


Bio: A Droid created by Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik he was discontinued and shut down by his creator. He was later rescued by Shadow and remained his loyal friend even taking his friend’s son to the heroes Dojo like he had wanted. After completing his mission he came to VGF and has remained there always searching gunjin for anyone who will face him

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Post by Mushi » Sun Oct 21, 2007 6:57 pm

Name: Najimi Sasaki

Age: 17

Race: Appears to be human

Height: 5’ 7”

Weight: 120 lbs

Gender: Female

Appearance:File Picture. Aside from her bright blue hair and deep red eyes, her outward appearance is nothing extraordinary. Although most males tend to find her visually appealing.

Personality: Constantly in flux. One minute she’s happy and open, the next she’s quiet and reserved, the next she’s brash and brazen, the next she’s lonely and depressed, the next she’ll be happy again. These constant mood swings aren’t a desirable trait when your power is derived from your mood…

Weapons: Her emotions. When she’s happy and content, she spears perfectly normal. Depressed, lonely, or otherwise sad feelings give her healing powers; her tears can heal small wounds and lacerations. When she becomes excited, her body buzzes with electricity, giving her an elemental advantage as well as increased strength and speed. Her most powerful asset is her anger. When she becomes enraged, she acquires superhuman strength, and her jaws and teeth become powerful enough to bite through even the hardest of metals. It is said that when she reaches the mental breaking point, “Something Terrible” happens, but none among the living know exactly what.


Hand to hand combat: S

Biography in short: Najimi was born in a small village in a country that no longer exists. Her mother died in child birth, and her father disappeared from her life when she was very young. She was raised by her grandmother, who was a spirit medium, until age fifteen. As a child, she was often teased by the other children because of her odd hair and eye colors, but she only laughed with them, bottling up her emotions and hiding her pain. Her grandmother, being a spirit medium, had many strange and bizarre artifacts in her home. One of which was a mirror that showed a person their true self and unlocked their hidden powers. When Najimi was fifteen, she entered the small back room where her grandmother kept her things (a room she was told never to enter) on a dare from her so-called “friends”. She came upon the mirror, and it showed her her true feelings. It showed her her bottled up anger, her sorrow, her pain. It also unleashed it. She was engulfed by these negative emotions, her grandmother’s home burned to the ground in a cascade of blue flame, killing all except her. The next when she awoke to find herself alone amongst the ashes, she felt strangely relieved of her life-long stress. Soon after, her village was conquered by a neighboring country as it invaded hers. She abandoned her past, and began wandering from town to town, country to country, trying to start a normal life, and failing (and often killing those around her) at every attempt. After about two years of trying to fit in, she simply began to wander, distancing herself from the rest of the world.

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Post by VG_Addict » Mon Oct 22, 2007 7:18 pm

Name: Nightshade.

Age: 27.

Height: 5'10.

Weight: 210 pounds.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: A man of medium height who is almost always seen wearing a black trench coat. In fact, he's only been seen without it on a handful of occasions. Without his trench coat, he has short brown hair, grey eyes, and wears a green T-shirt with the sleeves torn off, a pair of blue jeans with a hole in the knees, and brown boots that go to his knees.

Weapon: Crowbar.

Powers and Abilities:

His great-grandfather's intense training have given him strength, durability, and endurance well above that of the average human.

Able to teleport.


Hand-to-hand Combat: S.

Strength: A.

Speed: C.

Teleportation: S.

Intellect: B-.

Social Skills: C-.

Bio: Nightshade was born in a small town in an unknown Eastern-European country. His parents were killed by his evil uncle when he was very young, and as a result, he was forced to move to America to live with his great-grandfather. Noticing how timid he was, his grandfather immediately put him through intense physical and mental training, which included such grueling tasks as carrying lead weights up to a mountaintop and breaking large boulders using only his fists. After 3 months of this, Nightshade developed superhuman strength and the ability to teleport. When he turned 18, he decided to become a vigilante of sorts, protecting the weak and vulnerable. One day, he met Raji on a hiking trip. The two became fast friends and even sparring partners.

Personality: Nightshade's personality is a strong contrast to that of his friend's, Raji's. While Raji is kind, noble, and polite, Nightshade is more brash and quick to anger. However, he does care very deeply for the people he trusts, and will not hesitate to kill those who harm his friends.

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Post by X-3 » Sat Oct 27, 2007 10:48 pm

New Character?

Name: Phantom v3.2

Age: Unknown

Race: Reploid

Appearance: Phantom v3.2's armor is mostly black, with some white areas. He is equipped with a long, blood red cloak that reaches down to his knees. His helmet has two "spikes" coming out, which hide his face somewhat.

Short Bio: Phantom v3.2 is a Reploid from the future. He was a replacement body for the original Phantom, who followed orders from the hero, X. He has his own humorous personality, and is trying to find a road to follow.

Abilities: Phantom can vanish at will, and take on several different forms, like the form of a leaf, racoon or a teddy bear, the latter being his favorite for whatever reason. Perhaps a taunt to his foes.

Weaponry: Phantom is equipped with infinate energy kunais, and he can generate giant shurikens whenever he wants. His prefered weapon, however, is a long, jagged blood red katana with a snow white tip. It is usually found equipped to his back, ready to be removed and used for battle.

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Post by Tomahawkmansp » Wed Oct 31, 2007 2:24 am

What the heck...I need one.




weight:151 lbs

Weapons:Jagged Hooked blade-A curved blade made to inflict pain as it exits the targets body is about 5 feet long

Fuuma Shuriken-A Incredibly large shuriken that Joe carries on his back.

Smoke bombs:He has many they are used to blind the enemy

appearance-Brown hair and eyes,light skin,a blueish gray jacket and light gray shorts.

Bio:Young,and eager,Joe can't back down a good fight,which lands him into bad situations sometimes

Skills:Smokebomb combo-throws a few smoke bombs to cloud the enemies vision,then kicks the enemy upward from behind,while the enemy is in the air Joe will inflict massive physical strikes on the helpless target

Lance of the blue dragon:Joe will take any weapon,and cover it with chakra (energy) enforced water,creating a crystal blue lance that extends until it stabs the enemy

Air Slicer:Joe rushes toward the enemy building up energy in his palms,when he gets close enough,he releases the energy in the form of a blast combined of wind and sound creating an explosion.

Chidori:Build up an incredible amount of energy in hand until it is visible in the form of blue lightning,the energy in used for destructive purposes.the sound of it gives it the name chidori or Chirping of a thousand birds.

What do you think?

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Post by Luigi Fan 950 » Thu Nov 01, 2007 8:31 pm

Name: Giga
Age: 13
Hight: 4'7
Weight: 100lb
Race: Human
Gender: Female

Appearance: A young girl that has brown hair all the way down to her knees, is either seen wearing a green T-shirt and jeans or a lime-green dress, hazel eyes and has pale skin.

Bio: Giga was born in a small town along with her twin sister, Maria. Not too long after they were born, they're sent to a faraway island along with a few other people for unknown reasons. She does not know who her family is except her sister but doesn't mind much their past is a blur.

Personality: Kind, joyful and a little shy

Weapon: Bob-Ombs

Skills: Able to charm most boys into not attacking her, occasionally, she can get mad enough to the point that she gets surrounded by flames and will temporally becomes really strong.

Bob-Omb blast: Throws a random number of Bob-Ombs

Charm: Giga charms the enemy into not attacking her (only works when fighting boys)

Super Punch: It's a very powerful punch, what else is there to say about it?

Ultimate Attack: (rarely happens) Giga becomes surrounded in flames, picks up the enemy, and throws him/her.

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Post by HolocaustHybrid » Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:06 am

Name: Ockyx

Age: ~5000 years

Race: Mechanical


Ockyx had no other purpose in the minds of its creators apart from its duties as their personal, walking toolkit. As such, its design is simple and utilitarian. Its 5' 4" body is covered in 'photomorphic' metal plating, which adapts to ambient light sources and creates a matching pattern for camouflage, and it has a cloak of 'shimmerweave', which bends the light hitting it to create a kind of invisibility. Its forearms are thicker than its upper arms, housing sonic generators.

Its left shoulder plate is slightly larger than the left to accommodate a small, concealed weapon, its only other notable feature being the sensory equipment on its spheroidal head. Three large lenses are set in the front-center of its head, acting as its eyes, while microscopic antennae nestle in groups in 'pores' too small for the human eye to distinguish, providing it with all of its other senses, both immediate and long-range. Close up, these clumps of receptors look like hairs.


Ockyx was designed to be the cold, calculating, silent type. Having no method of verbal communication, Ockyx lacks the interactive experience necessary to develop more than a agent-objective relationship with his enemies, and thus while he acts without malice, he also acts without mercy or remorse. As fanatically loyal to its creators as the day it was made, it feels any action in defense of them or their supremacy is justified. It knows no other way.


Fashioned by the Caidil'wryg, a space-faring race obsessed with exploring the depths oof new worlds, Ockyx's sole purpose for the first four-hundred years of existence was to act as surveyor for their underground delvings. Before any dig was conducted, Ockyx used its sonic generators and powerful sonic receptors to divine by sound the density of rock, distance from surface and virtually all useful information concerning the site. Its ability to camouflage came into play when it detected structures above the ground its masters intended to tunnel through, and it would invisibly investigate the settlement above to determine if the dig would be noticed or interrupted in any way.

Eventually, however, the Caidil'wryg delved in the wrong places too many times, penetrating into wells and reservoirs of the above-landers and knew it wouldn't be long before their tunnels were traced back to them. In frustration, they immediately abandoned the world to seek new depths to plumb, but left behind their city and their great technology as a reward for any kindred spirit who, when exploring the deep innards of their home mountain, would chance across their secrets. Of course, to add to the monstrous weather that ravaged the surface of the mountain constantly, they left Ockyx behind as the guardian of their treasure, fully expecting him to one day be destroyed and the true prize claimed.

Ockyx, however, exceeded the expectations of its creators by surviving another four-and-a-half thousand years, learning through careful observation how to use the patience of an unaging, immortal machine and the fears and fragility of mortal minds and bodies as weapons far more powerful than its built in tools.


Though not originally a combat machine, Ockyx has adapted its set of tools to the purposes of combat. Its physical strength exceeds that of strongmen, but is nothing exceptional by robotic standards. Instead, it relies primarily on the following equipment/abilities:

Stealth: Between its light-bending cloak and camouflage armor, Ockyx is able to remain hidden from sight, especially easily in inclement weather conditions. Both its photomorphic armor and shimmerweave cloak require electrical currents passing through them to function, however, so when its power supply is being taxed, these two features can be deactivated to conserve energy.

Heat Field: A layer of heat that radiates out from Ockyx's internal temperature regulation systems, it was originally only intended to keep it from freezing and rusting when traversing the Balator Pass to go on scouting missions on the surface. Ockyx has since learned to manually override it and increase its intensity to create a bubble of searing-hot air around itself. This feature overheats Ockyx's system if used more than 90 seconds every hour.

Sonic Generators: Sends pulses of sound through whatever medium Ockyx places his hands on. It can control the intensity of the vibrations, though if it uses the generator's maximum power, the weapons would break under the stress. Ockyx cannot direct the vibrations either, they travel out in waves along a straight path.

Bolt Gun: Formerly used to jumpstart failing machinery, the bolt gun fires a small, focused flash of electricity across the sky. Though quick to reach the target, this weapon can also only fire in a straight line directly in front of the device, which is mounted in Ockyx's left shoulder. It takes three minutes to charge enough to do appreciable damage.

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My attempt at something (somewhat) origional...

Name: Mick
Race: Male Human (Caucasian)
Current Occupation: Adventurer
Age: 30
Personality: Calm. Shy and nervous with other people.
Appearence: 6'4", 220 lbs, skinny, short black hair, Grey eyes, Glasses, always wears a black shirt and shorts.

Bio: Born in a village of Blue Mages, although he is one of a kind; he can learn techniques merely by sight instead of getting hit by them, and not just Blue Magic. He quickly became a great Blue Mage in the village when at 7 years old, he helped eliminate a powerful dragon that assaulted the village.
Unfortunately, his parents died in the attack, and he was forced to fend for himself. The elder taught him every Blue Magic he knew, and told Mick that he's the only one who can learn more Blue Magic.
Mick then became a fighter in a professinoal leauge, where he became feared as "the Copycat Mage". He used his magic to dominate the leauge until his boss let him go for "not actually fighting". Then his hobby gave him new life. One day he was playing his Video Games and loved the idea of a life of adventure. So he now goes on adventures for excitment, adventure, and to find out what the elder meant when he said that "You are the only one that can learm more Blue Magic"...

Weapons, abilities, and traits:
Silver Longsword (B): A sword found on one of his adventures.
Energy Blade (A-): A sword of energy. Used when Mick loses his silver one.
Spellblade: An ability where the Silver Sword is empowered by Magic.
Blue Magic (B+): Magic learned by monsters.
Ability Copy (A+): Mick's unique trait. This trait can copy and learn Special Attacks and abilities of other fighters, even if it's NOT Blue Magic.

Abilities learned by Copy: None Yet...

Personal Traits:
Strength: C+
Speed: C
Endurance: C-
Intelligence: A

(This will always be updated whenever Mick learns a new attack)

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Post by W-Team Leader » Mon Dec 10, 2007 9:10 pm

Name: Trooper
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birthplace: Baltimore, MD
Weapons: Grenades, machine gun, dagger, and jetpack.
Special Moves: Calling rienforcements for backup.
Strategy: Dodge and strike.

Bio: Trooper is the current leader of W-Team. He began his leadership when he started the 1st day. A missle strike by the X-Team left his fellow members, Ace, Hunter, and Aero, all dead. The next couple of weeks were a living hell for Trooper ( who was given his name for surviving the attack). 2 months later, three new members joined the W-Team. Eel, Assault, and Tank. As the new leader, Trooper enforced his laws and trained the others as they trained him.


Name: Ace
Race: Ghost
Before death: W-Team leader before Trooper
Weapons: Unbreakable Sword of magic and strength
Special moves: Overshadowing people
Strategy: Overshadowing people to inflict pain on themselves

Bio: Ace, now dead, no longer resembles his true self. He exists only to protect the new W-Team, no matter what the cost. His spiritual sword of peril is capable of shooting fire, lightning, ice, conjer up storms, controlling weather, enhancing strength, and slicing through a lot of stuff. The only thing it cannot slice is the wielder of the blade.


Name: Father Nature
Age: 6,100,070,016.5 years
Race: Spawn of God
Powers: All of the animal kingdom
Weapons: Animals

Bio: In the beginning, God created Adam, or Father Nature. Then by supplying a rib, Mother Nature was born. Then the serpent tempted Eve, and she gave in. Father Nature did then obey God by slaying Mother Nature. Betcha didn't see that coming, did ya?


Rattle venom: Poison enters the foes bloodstream via a painful bite.

Reform: Makes pain double the hurt and other races turn into a human.

Growth: An animal trait is written into Father Earth's DNA.

Repeat: The foe repeats his/her blunder.

Summon Mother Earth's Spirit: Summon Mother Earth's Spirit for a limited time.


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