Open Challenge (Unique name, huh?)

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Post by Mallow-teh-Marshmellow » Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:22 pm

Jason was already tired, and these flames really didn't make his day at ALL. Rolling out the flames, Jason entered a Spiderman-like crouch, and began to run at Sesshomaru on all fours. He reached his target and lashed out on all sides, creating deep slices in the demon lord's chest. Satisfied, he lept back, and shadows surrounded all of his claws. Launching his razor-chains from the base on his claws, the chains wrapped around his target's limbs. Pulling his arms towards his chest, he pulled Sesshomaru towards him as well. Jason kicked his opponent back, and repeated pulling and kicking until he got tired. In a sliding motion, he spun his enemy faster and faster until they were almost a blur. Retracting his chains, he launched Sesshomaru high into the air, then created a hand of shadow which grabbed his opponent. He commanded the hand to squeeze tighter and tighter until he heard Sesshomaru's ribs break. Letting the hand let go of his target, Sesshomaru hit the ground hard, back-first. Jason stepped towards his downed foe, raised his foot into the air, and slammed it down in the middle of Sesshomaru's gut.


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