The Book of Warriors (Character Profiles)

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Post by Bunnyman » Tue Nov 25, 2003 11:13 pm

Name: Bunnyman
Home: Manvel, ND
Occupation: Delusional 15 year old that dresses up like a bunny and attacks people who like to fight eachother in a bizarre cyberspace plane called Gunjin.

Bio: Pathetic home schooled 15 year old who is exposed to way too much pop culture and not enough of the real world, is let loose with a bunny suit, and delusions of being a superhero.

Powers: Ear wiggling, random cartoonish objects(TM)
Family: Disapointed in the young man.
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Post by PK FIRE! » Wed Dec 03, 2003 9:19 pm

While I don't usaly do these becuase I find the topics kinda waste space. I have four chariters but I use two more then the others so I'll just discrib then if you want info about the other just PM me.

Name: Blaine Hala Yien

Age: 19

Pesanality: Very sarcasic and though he has bravery and determination in spades he blames himself for past mistake. He is often quite unless he feels the need to speak.

Discription: He is 6' 2' tall a lean muscular build. He where a black spandex looking bodaysuite made of a rare durible fabric called dragonsilk it acts as a tough second skin. he also has a helmit with a tinted visor mad of dimond to covor his face. Behind the visor is a fairly well taned face adorned by two scars we gold eyes and elvin ears and a tiny snip of a nose. His sliver hair is done in a combonation ponytail and braid it hangs down his backmidway.

History: He(along with al of my chariters) came from alternet univers from the planet E.R. 79) Earth Relm 79) Affter living out a very trying childhood in his home world he was acidently trasported to the relm of the BF soon his brother( chang Kia Yien) thier good friend(Areo Yang Techno goes by last name) and his tiger comrad (Sliver Strike) soon followed him here. Affter many trials and tribulations he died of a fatle vires but was brought back to life later for unknown reason Though inactive recently the Shogun my yet ries again

weapons: Good with enrgy and an okay martel artist, His preferd weapons are his two katnas witch are in thier scabbords attacked to his torso armor.

Name: Dr. Areo Yang Techno

Age: 26

Persanality: while a good natured man and often very kind he is borderline insane and has attempted sucide on many times and almost suceeeded. He's very cynicel and just plane blunt with his honesty and opoines at times.

Discription: A dark skinned tall thin man of 7 feet and 5 inches. He looks quite old and tired and somewhat pale espicly when the full moon draws near. As a wherewolf a grows another foot taller becomes mor musculare the white labcoat and black carpenterd pants he where fit him loosy in this for while they are quite baggy in human form. The white muscel shirt and steel toe boots explode in the tranformation. His head take the shape of a wolf and his feet and hands grow long visus retractible claws. His brown fur has flecks of blue to match the color of his human hair. his jade green eyes become empty yellow orbs.

History: Being a natrel born geunis by age 3 he had invented a hover board that could travel through the atmosphere of a planet like venus and servive intackt. His parents got the blueprints took the patent and once it took off dumped thier only son off at an orfange. By the age of five he had graduated highschool aby by fourteen he fineshed college with sevrel PhD's in numerus subjects. While vacationing in a suposdly curesd wood he was bitten by a wherewolf. Not long afftorword he was used to kill PoW's for a corupt empire and invent weapons for them as well affter being rescued at the age of 16 by young Blaine. affter Helping Blaine and the rest of his group save thier wrold not long affter both Chang and Sliver and Chang arived here at the BF so did he affter going on an adventure with Brett he found a rare bangle called the moonlit wrist that allows him complet controll over his werewolf side he can even transfrom in braod daylight.

Weapons: While in human mode he uses a sword he uses numorus inventures of his to fight. He's also a master of wind magic and okay with enrgy attacks. But when he becomes a wherewolf his hands, feet ,clas, fangs, and a weapon called a goodentog. He also uses dark enrgy and magics.

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Post by KirbyBoy2000 » Mon Jan 19, 2004 6:37 pm

Name: Arien Daw.
Age: Appears to be 19.
Gender: Female.
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 115lbs
Hair Color: Brown.
Eye Color: Blue.

Bio: A young women; has been trained in fighting techniques by her master. Is mainly on a mission to hone her fighting skills as well as to find a way to help her brother.
Looks: A young beautiful women that looks about 17. Has blue eyes and long brown hair. Wears bright and light colors; her favorite being orange. Wears mainly loose clothes good for movement.
Fighting Attributes: A swift and agile fighter, has relatively strong physical strength, yet her defenses are weak. She has slight skill with most weapons, yet excels at blades and axe type weaponry. Without a weapon she still has moderate skill in martial arts.

Has many basic enchantments such as strengthening or weakening items. magic is weak; so enchantments are either weak or short lasting.
Rapier- A rapier forged by her master. Has excellent defensive abilities from it's range and strength.On the offense it is strong and it's tip is sharp.
Inferno Axe- A small hand axe made of steel. Is up to this day the only item that Arien has successfully enchanted after she was cursed. Has the element of Fire within it.
Daggers- Small daggers; useful for both throwing and as a backup melee weapon. Are not made of strong metals and are not the best for defense or damage.
Pouches- Several small pouches; holds small items, medicinal gear, and liquids.
Fighting Clothes- Clothes for fighting in. Are loose and allow for maximum mobility, yet provide barely any defense.
Buckler- A small yet VERY strong buckler able to block all attacks at it. It's small size does not constrict fighting styles any as well.


Name: Vivek Daw.
Age: Appears to be 16.
Gender: Male.
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 120lbs
Hair Color: Brown.
Eye Color: Blue.

Bio: Arien's Brother; is mainly at home with his and arien's master because of an illness. Has been trained by his master in staff fighting and also trains in magic. Magical power is realitively weak, yet control is great.
Looks: A young man that looks the age of 19. Has blue eyes and short brown hair. Wears mainly dark and bold colors; his favorite being Dark Blue. Wears mainly robes.
Fighting Attributes: Is relatively agile and is rather smart, yet physically weak.Has great control over magic;yet his strength on magic is somewhat lacking. Has realitively good resistances to magic, yet physical defense is poor. Is trained in staff fighting and some martial arts.

Has many basic elemental spells and spells made of pure magic; yet none are truely strong. However; he has amazing control over the spells and can control previously made magic. Excels at mind based magic attacks.
Blast Rod- An enchanted wooden wand with a crystal on the end. Can transfer magic through rod to greatly amplify power; yet magic shot through is harder to control.
Fighting Staff- A staff good for close range fighting. Is made of a very light metal that is rather strong dispite it's weight. Is useful for swift physical strikes.
Mind's Eye- An amulet used to preform mind attacks/readings. While in use Vivek is relatively defenseless; yet with enough time he can alter/harm his opponents mind.
Robes- Robes that Vivek wears most of the time. They provide barely any defense yet provide somewhat good mobility.
Pouches- Several small pouches; holds small items, medicinal gear, and liquids.

Rather long history(In my opinion. Long doesn't necessarily mean good though. I hope it's good.)
Arien and Vivek we're both born long ago in a town called Alemia. They both showed excellent skill and strength in their magical and fighting abilities. As they aged they became treasure hunters and adventures and explored the many unknown dungeons across the land. After searching through countless dungeons, gaining a fair deal of ancient artifacts and relics, they reached a large dungeon which the citizens of a nearby town warned was cursed. Ignoring the villagers pleas they went to the dungeon. After searching through the dungeon they finally reached the core of it. They saw piles of gold and other priceless artifacts placed among a great stone statue. As they approached the treasure the statue began to glow and a large pillar of light covered Arien and Vivek. They awakened a long time later in a house located by a mountain side. The houses owner who called himself Kaiten said he found them unconsious just outside of the dungeon. He asked them what had happened to them; yet only Vivek could remember and told Kaiten. Kaiten recalled that all who entered that dungeon either ended up dead or cursed. It did not take long for the two to figure out what their curses were. Arien had lost all of her memories and had also had lost some of her strength. Vivek however was severely weakened, his magical power was scarce and he lost stamina far faster than normal. Ariens curse did not affect her much; however she needed to start her learning anew. Vivek's curse was far worse; he could not go for very long doing any activity before losing energy, and he was constantly bed ridden with fatigue. Kaiten took the two in and helped train them and get them back to the way they were at before; yet not perfectly. Eventually after many years of training Arien and Vivek were both able to go out, fight and explore like they did before to an extent. Arien regained her fighting skills and Vivek trained in stamina so the curse would be weakened. Currently Arien goes exploring and fighting like she did before and is relatively good with the sword and axes, while looking for a way to help vivek fight the curse. Vivek lives at home with Kaiten constantly studying and doing endurance training, yet sometimes he goes and helps Arien in her travels if he feels he needs to get away from his normal life.

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Post by Dastren of the Elements » Tue Jan 27, 2004 10:04 pm

Name: Dastren
Race: Human
Age: 746 years (Stopped aging at 26)

Appearance: Tall and lanky, with short-cropped black hair. A twisted black tatoo rests across his right eye.

Attitude: Cold, calculating and efficiant, he's the kind that would just keep walking at you completely emotionless while you pointed a shotgun at his head. An overall good person, but has very little time or care for others. He'll do what he can, but the outcome really couldn't phaze him at all.

Powers: Immortality. He had a deal with a Mazoku to make him immortal, when an angel killed the monster and stole the stone that held the spell together. In leiu of working for evil like he did for so long, Dastren must now be a decent person to make up for it. The angel can revive him, when she gets around to it. He can be defeated, killed, disintigrated, whatever, and still come back. Takes her sweet time with it though, and whatever fight he's in will be long past by the time it happens.

Elemental Magic: After his little immortality incedent, Dastren gave up the arcane and focused more on harnessing the four primary elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. While he's no master of any of them, he's pretty darned powerful in each.

Staff of the Elements: Focuses and channels his magic.
Robe of the Winds: A simple, black robe that can catch the winds and fly, him along with.
Headband of Clarity: Enables him to concentrate, even with the heat of battle abound.
Amulet of Regeneration: Not so effective as one thinks, it simply allows him to get by with his immortality by keeping his body alive.
Bracers of Eshewing: Allows him to cast complex elemental spells without material components.

Dastren now exists as a drifter, trying to prove that he's a good person.


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