Book of Battlefields (Public Use)

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Book of Battlefields (Public Use)


Post by t3hDarkness » Mon Nov 27, 2006 1:54 pm

Since I haven't seen any other threads for this sort of thing I would like to make this a place to put ideas for the various different locations that are free to use for any fight.

I'll start with one I've been thinking about for a while

Inquisitor's Arena
When someone attracts the attention of the wrong organization, they can expect a visit in the middle of the night courtesy of the Inquisitors.

This subterranean execution ground is ninety yards across and completely bare save for a light dusting of sand. At regular intervals sorcerers stand making arcane motions to ward themselves and the masked officials behind them.

(This thread is now officially a stickied battlefield topic. In keeping with TD's original intentions, this thread is meant to add public-domain battlefields which are open for anyone to use. Don't be shy, now!


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Post by Galefore » Tue Nov 28, 2006 5:46 pm

Heh, here are several of mine.

Battlefield One: Sky Colossus
A battlefield in the clouds, atop the hand of a five-hundred foot tall colossus, near only a clear blue sky. A grand staircase which is inside of the colossus connects combatants to the great land in the sky, the outstretched hand of the stone colossus. The stone is liable to crumble, so carefulness when fighting is a necessity. Also, fighting on this battlefield could be taken inside, to duel on the great staircase. Either way, the giant, armored colossus is an ample battlefield.

Battlefield Two: Folner’s Fortress
A fortress once occupied by a puppet king under an evil wizard, this fortress was stripped bare and left with only the unmoving stone throne in the throne chamber. The castle is now like a dark cavern, with only makeshift drapes absorbing the outside light and creating a strange and sorcerous cold about the castle. The throne room is a place heralded for battles, as it once was used to entertain the king with matches of strength.

Battlefield Three: Deluge Swamplands
Constantly raining and damp, this swampland is used for execution fights between a king’s prisoners. This is only one of many of a fat king’s execution area’s, but it is a heralded battlefield.

Battlefield Four: The Pike Yard
This land of sharpened metal sticks sticking straight up is home of many impaled victims, and they usually are still kicking under the pale moon during a warrior or two’s fights here. There are screams heard everywhere, and the king sits around during the day, watching his victims die and then roast under the hot sun as crows pick at their sometimes still living bodies.

Battlefield Five: Cornucopia
Cornucopia was indeed a sight. In the most recent usages, the area trained quite the few generals in their particular field of troop, and it was a true legend in terms of the number of people that came and daily-trained in the many combat perfect falsified landscapes, seemingly endless, in patches of varying land color and size simply scattered about the area. In a place such as this, exploration could take months of dedication to the labyrinthine caverns and sprawling deserts. It was indeed the ‘perfect battlefield’. Its fame had attracted the major sum of warriors and militia worldwide; Even the more important monarch rulers come across it as useful. But its builders were always unknown. It was an obviously artificial playground, as it had signs and man made lakes, but this area almost seemed natural, and it was beckoning to look at. A forest led into it, and some warriors met their deaths there. As soon as exited, paths with signs led to different “simulations”, but this never meant that people entered from only the forest. In most cases, they came in through the “darkness eternal” marked section, treading into the light of the scorched and barren ‘desert’. There were people who emerged from a tunnel deep within the cave, and exited into the gorges outside. There was a butte that seemed to have stairs, and sometimes the celestial would descend it and their ethereal glow would seem to cool the heat. Many wars would take place there.

Battlefield Six: Emporspace
Maggimus created this realm of evil red to throw his victims into. It has only one land mass: a large circle of molten land. Otherwise, it is fire, and only fire. No-one ever reaches the fire, though: Draconi Sanion is called from this realm, so naturally, he dwells in the fire, waiting for his feast of human flesh…

Battlefield Seven: Dead Dimension
Naught but a dead, dusty pasture under a cloudy sky with dead bodies, some skeletal, some rotting, some fresh, lying around spaced far apart from each other. Their weapons, as this was apparently a war field, are scattered everywhere, and two flags are the only landmarks, one blue with an orange dragon, the other one red with a golden tiger. This was apparently a war for this dead dimension, but it has been otherwise evacuated since this battle.

Battlefield Eight: Elotan Sanctuary
A battlefield built within a cave’s walls, deep within modern civilization’s ignorance and passing, carved of obsidian stone and impossibly dark. It was built for Fire Wielder’s or the Elotan People, of which the one’s who are made of stone can see in the dark, so this battlefield is specially made for fire battles or Elotan escapes, whichever comes first.

Battlefield Nine: The Desolated Border Village
Once an Elotan Flag-Site, this village was crushed under Maggimus’ fist and brought to its knees. It is simply a series of Hovels, and desert sand. Galefore’s Hovel is off to the furthest corner of the village.

Battlefield Ten: The Ruinous Towers
A ruin of unknown origin or age, several towers of crumbling steel are present and are only used by passers-by for battles. The sky is always rust red here; Fright and gloom is ever-present.

Battlefield Eleven: The Fountain and Sanctuary
A great fountain and water-area surrounded by blue reflections on the walls. It is a deep part within a caver of red stones, and is wildly different from that cavern. The water is cool and refreshing, but it is evil to drink, for it makes its drinker become old and weak instantly.

Battlefield Twelve: The Necropolis Castle
Formerly built only for the dead to fight in, it is evil in architecture and is mainly designed to look like a great black pike with a skull atop. There are evil creatures flying around, as it is found between life and death’s doors, and the green aura surrounding it restricts the good from entering. Inside, there are secrets to Necromancy, and evil sorcery is built into every last wall.

Battlefield Thirteen: Forest Outskirts and Wooden Fortress of Dawao
Enshrined within a deep forest, this huge wooden fortress with log walls which have double fortifications is used for the protection of Daw-Nakan, the cloud city of stone outside of the fortress which strategically protects Dawao (The Country itself, not the forest fort) from invasion. Dawao Fortress is built to holster archers, but since the Dawao Guardians’ conquest of the country, the fortress is abandoned, and the towers and fortress free to anyone who wishes to be involved.

Battlefield Fourteen: Derenrunelith
Derenrunelith is an odd, evil looking island floating just beyond reach of view in the ocean. It is invisible to all but hardened warriors; Only the most powerful can see it. This island is a huge, square patch of dirt raising up to the clouds, and there is a giant sword in the middle. Four pillars of dirt also surround it and encompass it, so it is said. The island is 800 by 800 feet, and is 1000 feet in the air. It is only accessible to people who fly or climb to the top. The field is of grass, so when it rains up there, it is very dangerous. When in a lightning storm, it disappears. This field is special because it brings out, literally, hidden potential in people who fight atop it’s peak.

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Post by Mushi » Tue Nov 28, 2006 6:41 pm

VARROCK SQUARE: Varrock was as busy as ever. All the local merchants had just gotten their product shipments and the latest merchandise was all the rage. Stalls were packed out with customers, restaurants were running non-stop, and the line for the restroom was incredible. The beautiful-marble fountain in it's square highlighted the city's beauty.

ABOARD THE BEAST: Prepare for massive turbulence! The Colossus Turnbren has the perfect field for battle... on top of his head! On the colossus' very head lay an immense field... better not look down! Don't expect a moment of peace on this free-roaming field of battle! (sorry if this sounds like Galefore's. I just read that while I was typing, after I created this place of course)

The Disappointments: A large open desert that is named for the infinite amount of failed homesteads that litter the landscape. Nothing grows here, animal nor plant.

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Post by Seeking Attention » Tue Nov 28, 2006 6:57 pm

Heres a battlefield thats based off the third level in 007 Everything or Nothing.
Egypt Complex
A terrorist complex located in the Egypt desert.It carrys Nano Tech and the guards there are very strong.They carry pistols,machine guns,rocket launchers and so much more.
Complex(when nano machines are destroyed)
The complex has fires everywhere,the elevators are destroyed but you can escape through the firey shafts.The outside of the complex is no better.Theres a dam like thing that has been destroyed as well.No guards are outside.If your lucky you may find some sort of transportation and can now drive out and on to the Egypt desert.

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Post by t3hDarkness » Wed Nov 29, 2006 5:06 pm

[quote="Irby]Heres a battlefield thats based off the third level in 007 Everything or Nothing.[/quote"]

That might be useful in a story topic I guess.

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Post by Seeking Attention » Wed Nov 29, 2006 5:09 pm

Erm no its useful for any kind of fight.

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Post by Repster » Thu Nov 30, 2006 11:00 am

The field of battle. Quite literally what the name suggest. A simple field. Short or not so short grass as far as the eye can see, perhaps a few trees at random intervals. It has a peaceful empty vibe to it. Generally considered the default battlefield.

The kitchen. Again, just as the name implies, a kitchen. Stove, fridge, appliances, kitchen sink, salt and pepper, pantry full of food. Etc. The most uncommon thing being a particularly vicious mouse hunting cat. Why would this normal room make a battlefield? Well thats easy. Your as tall as a toothpick. Whether shrunk, or in the kitchen of a much larger race, the average man is a few scant inches tall. Has been used mostly as a theme for a few large scale free for alls.

City of legend. Ever hear of the city of gold? Well this is it. An ancient city of a culture long gone. Mayans are commonly used as the source. Towering temples of pure gold everywhere, fountains of gold (the fountain not the water, even if the water looks gold, reflections and light and everything), houses of gold. Everything, everywhere, gold. Under or above ground, everything sparkles and shines. Of course, if the city is under ground there's most likely some source of infinite light here and there. Even a single beam of light would be reflected a thousand fold with that many well polished reflective surfaces.

The sea of ice. A large body of freezing water with floating chunks of ice, some islands in themselves, others barely enough for a foot hold. That's it as far as the eye can see, excluding whatever lives in that water.
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Post by Vapor » Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:23 pm

Metosmia: A flat plain, rotating around an axis. Some areas are metal, some rubber, some lava, some bone, some dust that one can easily fall through. As it rotates, the warriors and things on them or that they are holding are not affected, they stay on the ground as if the gravuty was still pulling them down towards the plane of the plain. The sky is not really a sky, but simply a wireframe sphere surrounding the plain. Beyond the wireframe sky, there is another, larger one, and beyond that,all is black, but with a few comets that streak around.

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Post by t3hDarkness » Mon Dec 18, 2006 3:18 pm

Thanks for the submissions, I'll be sure to try out some of these and feel free to try, rate, and add more.

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Post by Mushi » Thu Dec 21, 2006 1:44 am

The Abyssal Plain: "There is darkness, yet there is no night. There are no seasons, no climate, no rest. Time hasn't forgotten this place. It has abandoned it." - Lt. General Rulik

Further description: It is flat plain that was discovered by an army that fell into a dimensional rift that opened without warning in the middle of a war. The army was able to escape, but only after finding the exit on top of a large seemingly volcanic outcrop with six foot tall statues praising Guthix built upon it by an unknown people. Besides that, the Abyssal Plain is completely empty and divoid of all matter.

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Post by t3hDarkness » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:27 pm

I'll try out the Inquisitor's Arena today.

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Post by Alex » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:40 pm

The Forest of Isolation
Many have tried to reach this place and many have ended in failure. Only a few warriors have made it to this land for either exile or undisturbed battles to the death. The forest seems to have a mind of its own. It can tell how many fighters enter, when a battle has started, and when it has concluded. When a warrior dies, he becomes one of the trees over time.

The Spire
With a seemingly endless number of floors, this structure has a different themed arena for every floor. Some may contain mazes, booby traps, and even timed trials. Others may just be one giant arena where a beast awaits challengers. Legend has it that a treasure beyond all imagination awaits anyone who may reach the top. Many have tried, but little have even made it past the fifth floor.

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Post by Acradius » Sun Jan 14, 2007 4:47 pm

Abandoned Factory

There are two distinct sections of this forgotten factory. The first is a series of spiraling hallways going ever deeper into the earth. Along each edge of the square structure, as one continues further into the darkness, are old, corroding machines. Conveyor belts, scaffolding, leaking drums of fuel, chains from the celing, and giant, metal body parts of an ancient, unfinished behemoth. The generator still works, but just barely enough to provide a fourth of the lights and cycle the air enough to breathe. At the bottom of the spiral is where the next section begins. Shooting up, straight through the center of the spiral, a quarter-mile on each side and half a mile back up to the surface, an almost completely empty, rectangular room. Dominating the middle of the room is a square, metal column, raising half-way up the middle of the area and taking up the center 'half' of the room it's in. The only way up without any transportation power of your own is a grove on each side with metal ladder-rungs wedged into it. The top of the center room is opened to the sky, but this deep in the earth, even high noon seems dim and far away.

Bone Forest

Deep in the woods, there's a strange place that people say is haunted. For damn good reason they do. For a half mile in every direction from the center, the grassy, soft loam of the forests and plains of the region gives way to nothing but the dryest sand. What's more, the trees instantly turn from sturdy wood to hollow bone. But they still look quite like trees, with one central white spike jutting out of the ground, and branches spitting off of that, and more off those, at very natural angles. There are no leaves, of course. The only landmark to speak of is in the very center of the area, where the top half of a human skeleton hangs limp from the 'trunk' of one of these morbid trees. It is not impaled upon the tree. It is a part of it.

The Gulag's Gauntlet

Deep in the center of the ancient, twisted metal ruins of a gigantic prison designed to house those of superhuman ability, a single room still operates. 'Room' is a very loose term in this case, as it's actually a pocket of extra-dimentional space. The warden and all his guards called it the Exaspiration Room. The prisoners just called it The Gauntlet. It was designed to put the unlucky prisoner through an infinite amount of trials until they collapsed. Inside is a never-ending labyrinth of walls and floors made of metal squares. The auto-run program is always on, and quite literally anything goes. Gigantic columns of steel can erupt out at moments notice, gravity can shift you onto an impalement of spikes, lightning can strike out of seemingly nowhere. It's one giant deathtrap. Though the prison is no longer in service, powerful people pay top dollar to see others fight in this realm of endless threats.
Chaos reigns within. Reflect, repent, and reboot. Order shall return. ~Windows, in Haiku format

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Post by Mushi » Wed Jan 31, 2007 12:58 am

The Crystal staircase: A realm that exists only in the minds of any unfortunate adventurer unlucky enough to be captured by it. The staircase leads forever upwards, in a spiral design. It is believed that your mission, your entire reason for existing, rests at the top. The top can only be reached by the winner of many a battle, only after they have searched the inner-most creavices of their soul.

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Post by New! Tazy Ten » Sat Feb 17, 2007 12:23 am

Since this is for Public use....

Luigi's Mansion-
A mansion filled to the brim with Etheral Energy. The dead will actually not touch you but instead live out thier lives as they did before they died

Shifting Sand Lands-
Quicksand, four towers, a Pyramid and a Vulture who steals things frequent this desert. It is surrounded by Quicksand and various creatures

Ricco Harbor-
Many boats lay in Ricco Harbor in order to buy and sell in Delfino Square. Since Bowser Jr.'s attack, Ricco Harbor has tightened security and commands that all paintbrushes are not allowed there. However, they have never removed the slime in the bay, and it's starting to affect the fish

Mystic Cave-
A cave filled with spikes, bridges, and robots. It used to be a gem supply for a scientist before something forced him out. Now all that's left are the Mine Carts and traps the Scientist was too lazy to remove

The Wonderous Forest-
This forest makes humans look like pennies, and Monoliths look like pillars of sand. If any pillars are knocked over, they stand back up when one's back is turned, possibly due to some magical force

Tediz Fortress
The Tediz Fortress, rebuilt after being blown up by the King, is a heavily secure fortress filled with Tediz forces. But strong fighters see them as no threat.

The Castle's Cemetary-
This area is littered with the skeletons of those who fought here. hidden between two castles, it was appearently the cemetary for two families. It is said those who are buried here come back as zombies

Castle Wolfenstien-
This castle belonged to the former Nazi party. It houses nothing but the soldiers and fake Hitlers killed by one man. The doors and Passageways still work though.

Kremkroc Industries Inc.-
This is where the Kremling Army's money comes from. Hidden on DK Isle, it is still used, even more than any other factory of the Kremlings. However its security is weak and you can get in easily, because the Kremlings believe its well hidden

Dark World-
The world of Hyrule, bewitched by the power of the Triforce of Power, this world is only able to be battled on if you don't turn into a creature of some sort. However stronger warriors may feel some sort of transformation.

Krazy Kremland-
The Kreming's only source of amusement. Here they ride Roller Coasters and play numerous games. Kreepy Krow used to protect the park until it was killed by two Monkeys.

Cotton Top Cove-
A Cave many Kremlings hid out in while King K. Rool was overthrown. The cave is filled with water and various creatures.

Egg Carrier-
This Warship was abandoned by its creator. The ship could probably fly if a little work was put into it. The robots, active after years of abandonment, still work on it; hoping for thier creator to return

Phendrana Drifts-
The Arctic area of Tallon IV. This place has shown a small amount of Phazon radiation after the destruction of Metroid Prime. All the creatures have learned to avoid the Phazon. However, there are creatures who don't learn.

Rock Star
A Desert Star ruled by three cubes. The land is teeming with living Cacti and creatures that act violent when you breath on them. There is a temple if you cannot stand the sun that beats down hard on this planet

Sorry, did a Rough Draft earlier, and I just let all the errors go over my head, it's fixed.... I hope

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Post by Mushi » Sat Feb 17, 2007 1:40 am

^ Umm... you might want to consider revising your post. All of those are good(nice adaptation of videogame worlds) but... the wording is bordering on Engrish.

Elvarg's Remains:
This once massive dragon is now nothing more than a hollowed out skeleton. The entire structure spans across three miles, and is a tempting battle ground for the more experienced warrior. A word of caution to any daring enough to scale the massive cranium: Do not under any circumstances remove the sword you see imbedded in the forehead. It is the only thing that keeps the dragon from returning to life.

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Post by Alex » Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:02 pm

My original battlefield from War

Plateau Armageddon
A towering plateau with an icy cave on the west edge, a small forest on the east edge, a field of large rocks on the south edge, a vast rocky plain in the center, and an twisted metal wasteland on the north edge.

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Post by Seeking Attention » Tue Mar 13, 2007 6:04 pm

War Zone

This battlefield is a war battlefield. A war between two different groups of soldiers. The war has never ended and will never end. Bombers, tanks and other war vehicles cause more then enough trouble for any warrior. The battlefield has pillboxes, MG nests and even MG towers watching over the warzone. Snipers hide in the shadows, waiting to strike. Giant craters make up a lot of the field too from all the bombing runs. The walls of buildings are stained with cold dry blood and fire engulfs different areas as well.

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Post by X-3 » Tue Mar 13, 2007 11:32 pm

Big Red Ball
The arena is simple: a giant red ball, rolling around on invisible path in another dimension. Obviously a plain arena, yet you will have to continue to keep your balance, to avoid being squished. That may be a challenge, seeing as you're fighting, which can easily take off that balance...

Just wanted to get that one out there...


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