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Some of you may be wondering exactly what's happening to your cursor from time to time on various sites in VGF. If it's turning into something other than what it normally looks like, you've got nothing to worry about (and if you don't want it to happen, you'll want to read this, too).

The Comet Cursor has quickly gained popularity among web sites, and now advertisers are starting to take notice. This software transforms the standard cursor on certain pages into other objects (instead of an hourglass or a pointer, Mario, or something else, might show up). Many are anticipating that this may form a trend and become more popular as time goes on.

Comet Cursors are activated through a quick download (quick meaning it takes seconds) similar to Macromedia's Flash download. When a surfer visits a web site where the Comet Cursor is to be enabled, he/she is asked to decide whether or not to download. If yes, the cursor will change; if no, the cursor will not change. When the visitor moves onto the next page, the cursor will turn back to normal.

If you're receiving the cursor without having downloaded the plug-in at VGF or one of its affiliates, it's highly likely that you downloaded it in the past and simply forgot about it (this is easy since the download time is hardly noticeable). Either that, or someone else downloaded it (assuming it's a shared terminal).

Wondering how you can get rid of the special cursors? If you have not yet downloaded the plug-in, when/if the request for you to download it comes up, decline that request. If you have already downloaded the plug-in and want to get it out of your system, go here for instructions.

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